The Walking Dead: ‘Last Day On Earth’ Review

The Walking Dead 'Eeny Meeny Miny Moe'

“We pissing our pants yet?” -Negan

The Walking Dead decided to go on the worst RV road trip ever as Rick and his crew spent countless hours driving into herds of Saviors only to finally fall victim to their biggest enemy. Of course, nothing was revealed and now we’re left wondering who was on the other end of Negan’s bat. Fuck you, show!

I was super excited about this finale for so many reasons and I have to admit, I was pretty let down with this one. Negan didn’t even show up until the final minutes of the episode and, while it was tense as fuck, I fail to see the point of not showing us who the victim was. I’m still predicting it was Glenn, which would make the most sense to me, but I have officially given up on guessing who’s going to die. There is no possible way of identifying who was killed, just subtle clues that ultimately suggest that anyone could have been Lucille’s victim. The only person we can probably rule out is Carl (and probably Rick) since Negan threatens to have his other eye cut out if anyone makes a scene.

It also looks like we’re going to be introduced to a brand new group of people next season with Carol and Morgan stumbling across some men wearing the most ridiculous looking armor I have ever seen. While we have no idea who these people are, I think it’s safe to say that they are probably going to be allies in the future in helping Alexandria out with their Savior problem.

Season six was definitely full of insane moments but I am definitely saddened by the fact that we weren’t allowed to see who was killed in the end. It’s these types of cliffhangers that drive me absolutely crazy. In this case, I really don’t think hiding the victim was necessary though. In fact, the finale would have been 100X better had they just showed us who it was. Instead, we’re going to have to deal with six months of speculation…again. Sigh.

Now, let’s get on a horse, gallop our way to Pee Pee Pants City and enjoy the review, fellow Walkers!

A Horse With No Name

There were really only two stories to follow throughout the finale. The first one involved Rick, who gathered up a group of people to head to Hilltop. The other involved Morgan, the one-man search party looking for Carol. Morgan finds a horse during his travels which should greatly increase his travel time and he was able to locate Carol fairly quickly but it’s not going to be an easy time convincing her to come back with him. Also, I’m totally naming his horse Donatello just because:

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name

Morgan patches up Carol but she’s going to require stitches and antibiotics. Morgan really wants to help Carol but she’s really not in the mood for assistance and would rather go it alone. Bad idea all around but who are we to judge?

Morgan refuses to leave Carol behind even though she really wants him to get the fuck out. In the end, Carol takes off on Morgan while he is taking care of this walker who literally posed no threat to anyone.

Hangin' Out

I guess Morgan really wanted to put that guy out of his misery but now he’s back on the prowl in search of Carol because of it. It’s also a really good thing Morgan was looking for her because she ends up running into the only surviving Savior from her confrontation last week and he’s not all too happy that Carol murdered all of his friends. Carol ends up taking two gunshots to the arm but luckily Morgan, the new lone ranger, arrives just in the nick of time to do this:

Morgan shoots a Savior

The Saviors are clearly not much of a threat to anyone. After taking care of this dude, Morgan and Carol are approached by two random strangers and, as it turns out, that guy Rick and Morgan ran into last week did actually lose his horse. They were also sportin’ some totally radical armor which would clearly not protect you from anything:

“Check out our awesome armor.”

I guess karma totally stepped in to save the day since Morgan was the one who prevented Rick from shooting this guy last week and now they’re offering to help. I’m guessing that these guys are part of another faction who have also had their hands full with the Saviors and I predict we will be seeing a lot more of them next season when Alexandria finally goes to war with the Saviors.

Obviously Morgan and Carol didn’t save the day this time around but at least we know they are safe and sound with a new group of people and I think it’s time for some alliances to be formed considering just how many Saviors there are out there. Clearly things went a lot better for Morgan and Carol than for Rick and company on their RV road trip to Hilltop.

RVing It Up

Rick gathers up a group of people to go to Hilltop and I’m already questioning the selection. First, they brought Carl who is obviously a teenager. Second, they brought MAGGIE, who is kinda sick and pregnant, not the person I’d expect to bring on an RV tour of the countryside. Even Eugene decides to come with them, possibly to add more people to the list of possible victims for Negan.

We also caught up with some of the Saviors who were beating the crap out of some random dude in the forest.

"It's showtime."

The man getting his ass kicked apparently came from the library and we obviously don’t know anything about him. That is, until Rick and his RV of people show up to make their first stop. Rick wants to make a deal but the Saviors really only want one thing and that’s all of their stuff. Oh, and they’ll also have to kill one of Rick’s own men which kinda seems fair considering how many Saviors have been butchered at the hands of Team Rick. Obviously, Rick does not accept the deal.

"We want stuff too."

Instead, Rick and his crew get back in the RV and leave to find another way to Hilltop. The only problem with this is that the Saviors know exactly where they are headed and will make every attempt to stop them from getting to their destination. It was actually pretty funny watching Rick’s team drive from location to location only to get stopped by a group of crazy ass Saviors who are officially pissed off about all of the causalities they have suffered. Their second stop on the way to Hilltop was just as bad as the first.

Rest Stop #2

Abraham pretty much summed up everyone’s thoughts perfectly:

"Bitch nuts!"

Everyone in the RV starts debating on whether they want to end it but obviously this is not going to be possible considering that the Saviors appear to be everywhere. They also really don’t want Rick and his crew to make it to Hilltop and the group is forced to back up their RV again and continue on the road.

At this point it’s becoming clear that the Saviors have A LOT of people on their team so I’m not quite sure how Team Rick is going to make it to their destination. It also doesn’t help that this was the third stop along the way:

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Rick Right Over

Yup, it looks like the Saviors were able to chain together some walkers to block the road. They also used Michonne and Daryl’s stuff to make it look like they had killed Rick’s friends. Fake zombie Michonne is totally having a good time:

Fake Zombie Michonne

This was my exact reaction during most of the finale. Rick starts chopping his way through the zombie chain but that’s when the ambush begins. The Saviors start firing at everyone’s feet and our group is able to escape and make their way through the blocked path. The only problem is that they eventually come to their fourth stop on this super long ass road trip down fury road and it appears that these guys are not going anywhere again. This time, the road is blocked by a giant pile of flaming logs and that dude the Saviors were beating up earlier in the episode is now hanging from his neck. Yup, you might want to turn around yet again Rick which is exactly what they did.

Anyone else getting tired of all these stops? Yup, I am too. Luckily, our final destination awaits and it’s not Hilltop.

Guess Who?

At this point, Rick and his crew stop to try and figure out where the fuck to go next since they obviously don’t seem to be getting anywhere in the RV. The only problem is that they make the DUMBEST decision ever and start walking. Did I mention that they also have to CARRY Maggie on a stretcher because that was totally a thing too. Seriously, I can’t even believe they thought that this was a good idea.

Before they set off on their hike though, Eugene volunteers to take the RV and this could be a pretty big hint that he might be the one who died at the hands of Negan’s bat. He ends up giving Rick his notes on how to make bullets in case they need more ammo, which they obviously will at some point, but this just felt like it could have been a final goodbye for everyone’s favorite lockpicker.

“Here’s my bullet recipe.”

During their hike, we also got to see Carl take out a walker who was totally impaled by a stick (or possibly one of those Hilltop spears).

Carl takes out walker impaled by stick

It was only a matter of time before Rick and his crew were going to be stopped yet again only this time they can’t simply back the RV up and take off since, you know, they got out to walk. I understand that the gas situation was becoming a problem but this decision was a whole new kind of stupid. The Saviors start doing their trademark whistling in the forest and surround the group. It looks like they were able to take the RV as well, which clearly wasn’t difficult since it was only Eugene driving at that point.

It also looks like the Saviors did all of their recruitment in Compton because they got some real gangsta lookin’ dudes on their team. They are greeted by the guy with the mustache from the beginning of the episode and the time for talking is over because it’s officially time to listen. And listen we did. Right, Carl?

Tip of the hat to ya

Everyone is forced to get on their knees, including Glenn, Daryl, Rosita and Michonne, and it’s obviously going to be a super bad day for one person. Negan is royally pissed off about the fact that Rick has killed a shit ton of his men and really, he only wants one thing and that’s stuff. Negan was awesome in every way though. He’s clearly going to be the villain we love to hate and is exactly what this series needs. Unfortunately though, he didn’t show up until the very end of the finale.

Basically, Negan and the Saviors want Rick and his people to work for them and they can’t do that if they’re dead so Negan has decided that one of them is going to have to die. He’s basically doing this to put fear into each and every one of them and I loved how he went around to each person as we were all left wondering who was going to be his first victim.

“I’m going to beat the holy hell out of one of you.”

Now what really pissed me off about this entire scene was the fact that we have no idea who was at the other end of Negan’s bat. I mean, did the show really need to do this? Did they really need to make us wait an entire six months until we find out who he killed? I’m absolutely pissed off about this because now we’re all going to have to listen to speculation about who the victim was. I’m literally already over it. We already went through this with Glenn during the first half of the season and now we’re going to have to go through it again. At least it’s safe to say that the entire group wasn’t able to hide under a dumpster this time.

Ultimately, I have no fucking idea who Negan selected to kill and I don’t even think the writers know yet. They are just buying more time to figure it all out and I’m hugely disappointed that we weren’t able to see the person who “took it like a champ.” Unfortunately, the writers would rather use yet another cliffhanger so everyone starts speculating about who was killed during the off season. I seriously don’t even care anymore though and either should you. All I ask is that someone recreate the classic board game Guess Who? using characters from The Walking Dead since everyone is gonna be guessin’ now. Although if you end up asking the question ‘Is your guy dead?’, you probably won’t be any closer to winning.

"Don't you get it?"

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes It

I think it’s safe to say that I was deeply underwhelmed by the finale and now we’re going to have to wait six fucking months to find out who was the one to take the fall. Negan has finally arrived which is going to be awesome for the series but I’m so over these cliffhanger endings. At least we know they didn’t all escape under a dumpster this time around.

There is clearly no possible way of knowing who was the one who took the fall for Rick’s team. All we really know is that it wasn’t Carl (and likely not Rick either). If anything, this entire episode seems to suggest that it might have been Eugene, especially considering he gave Rick his bullet recipe before taking off in the RV. Personally, I hope it’s Glenn since the show has been hinting at his death for ages. Still, I can’t even take part in all of this speculation since the writers probably don’t even have a clue themselves. Plus, speculating about Glenn’s death for like five episodes was honestly too much for me.

Regardless, I think things are setting up nicely for next season. Team Rick is obviously going to be working for Negan now so I think the main plot will revolve around how they plan on escaping this really shitty situation. I also think Carol, Morgan and their new horse-riding buds are going to play a major role in seeking revenge on the Saviors. Luckily for all of us, Game of Thrones returns in 3 weeks and that is a show that is not afraid to kill people off and SHOW US the results!

So what did everyone think of the season finale? Did you piss your pants in excitement? Or are you just pissed off at the fact that we have no idea who was killed? Please let us know all of your thoughts and theories in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow walkers!

The Walking Dead has come to an end but luckily for all of us, Fear The Walking Dead is returning for its second season and Mikey will be recapping all of the action in the most hilarious ways possible. Be sure to check back next week for the season premiere and more original reviews, memes and gifs.