The Walking Dead: ‘New Best Friends’ Review

The Garbage Pail Kids

TRA$H MONEY! We’re in for slow times as Rick and his Family have been forming alliances left and right to take out the Saviors. Honestly, the Saviors haven’t really done much ever since Lucille had some fun with Abraham and Glenn in the season seven premiere. They just keep taking supplies so the Kingdom really needs to get their shit together and fast if the imminent war is ever going to kick off. Plus I really want to see that tiger destroy someone and so should you!

So far Rick has recruited some of Hilltop and all of Alexandria. After the latest episode, it also looks like they have the Garbage Pail Kids on their side as well but not before they provide this new clan with a bunch of GUNS! Still…they are probably going to need the Kingdom as well and it appears the only way to make that happen will be by executing a really dumb plan by Richard who wants to lead the Saviors to Carol’s cabin in the woods. I still can’t get over how terribly ratty their armor looks. I’m sorry but that shit is not stopping Lucille.

Now let’s count down all of the biggest moments as Rick and company meet some ‘New Best Friends’. Enjoy!

1. Savior Trouble

Things start off with the Saviors making yet another trip to the Kingdom and it looks like they really enjoy the Kingdom’s watermelon.

"Not enough melons..."

Also, this was one of the worst attempts at fighting someone that I have ever seen. Is it just me or do some of the action sequences on this show seem a bit over the top:

A Savior makes worst punch attempt ever

I mean, really?! That was one terrible attempt at starting a fight. It took the guy almost two full seconds just to wind up for the punch which probably explains why he ended up on his ass. Even if Morgan hadn’t interfered with his big stick, Richard clearly had enough time to dodge the punch. And we’re supposed to be frightened by these guys?! Um, I think not.

Still though, that terrible excuse for a punch is still not as annoying as listening to King Ezekiel pretending he’s back in medieval times.

Our reaction when King Ezekiel speaks...

It’s only a matter of time before someone gets murdered and obviously the Kingdom will eventually join Rick’s fam jam for some war games!

2. Morgan loses his stick

The Savior who can’t throw a punch ends up taking Morgan’s stick which led to easily the best line of the episode:

“Can I have my stick back, please?”

One can only hope that Morgan will eventually reunite with his favorite stick.

3. Richard hatches a ridiculously complicated plan

I want to like this Richard guy. I really do. But can we all agree that he’s going about this the wrong way. Basically, his plan is to kill a bunch of Saviors, lead them to a weapons stash and, ultimately, have them retaliate against Carol. Unfortunately for Richard, this isn’t Manitowoc County and we’re not watching an episode of Making a Murderer. Daryl, who was easily able to figure out that the woman in question was in fact Carol, immediately shoots down Richard’s plan as the two have a ridiculous scuffle, almost in front of a Savior convoy.

Daryl throws Richard

Daryl then proceeds to punch Richard in the face repeatedly. They end up talking it out like bros and let’s just hope they can finally get King Ezekiel and the Kingdom on their side because this shit is taking forever!

4. We Take. We Don’t Bother.

The introduction of this new dumpster diving group has me totally excited even if they probably smell like trash. This could be the beginning of some very interesting character appearances as Rick and Family continue to make new friends throughout the wasteland. Obviously it makes absolutely no sense why these people talk in broken sentences but at least we’re making progress.

And what the hell was up with Father Gabriel? Why did the Garbage Pail Kids target him back at Alexandria? Seems a bit odd that they would randomly sneak into Alexandria and take him hostage along with all the supplies. And here I thought they were actually going somewhere with Father Gabriel but instead he was just kidnapped by Trailer Park Trash. Can’t say that I’m surprised and I think it’s highly likely that he’ll be killed off before the season’s end given that he serves no real purpose on this show.

“At least we have somewhere to throw our garbage.”

Also, I found this gem below that clearly illustrates what our main crew would look like if they transformed into actual Garbage Pail Kids. Clearly, the one on the far right is Maggie:

Image result for garbage pail kids movie

5. Rick fights a walker from the Mad Max movies

Rick is taken up up up (and don’t even try to fucking figure out why that dialogue existed) and is dropped off a cliff full of garbage. He’s greeted by a Mad Max-inspired walker named Winslow who is having a really bad day since he lives in a garbage dump and looks like shish kebab:

Walker Shish Kebab

He’s just missing the vegetables. Naturally, Rick has to fight this dude but I’m not entirely sure why he did this:

Rick tries to smash Mad Max Walker

Clearly that’s not going to fucking work! Luckily though, the walls would be the key to his escape as trash rains down upon Mr. McSpike, giving Rick enough time to kill him.

What I really don’t understand is why Rick decides to go get guns for this group of trash loving lunatics. Why would he immediately trust these people? I get that he has no real choice since they need the numbers, but I feel like this may be a little risky. Either way, I’m intrigued by this new group of Garbage Pail Kids and their leader, Jadis. It will be interesting to see what role they end up playing in this upcoming war!

One man's trash is another man's treasure

6. Carol and Daryl Reunite

Carol is still isolating herself out in the woods. She is first visited by King Ezekiel and Gerry, who bring her some Cobbler. Ezekiel is obviously developing a crush on Carol for no good reason whatsoever which is why it’s always fun to see her push him back into the friendzone! Immediately after though, Daryl shows up and it was one of the greatest reunions this show has had yet.

It’s extremely difficult not to like these two. They are two of the biggest bad asses on this series so watching them reunite was everything I wanted. Except for one thing….Daryl didn’t bother to mention that Glenn and Honest Abe were viciously murdered by Negan and his baseball bat.

“No one was murdered at all! Everyone’s alright!”

Once again, Daryl proves that these people have no idea how to communicate. I get that he’s trying to protect Carol but she is obviously going to find out that Glenn and Abraham had their brains bashed in. Plus, Daryl didn’t even mention anything about Richard’s plan to frame Carol for murdering a bunch of Saviors. No idea why he omitted this fairly important piece of information. Instead, Daryl decides to hightail it to Hilltop.

And now his watch is ended.

So I guess we’re getting closer to the ultimate goal of recruiting a team of odd and eccentric communities to fight back against the Saviors. The Garbage Pail Kids have officially joined the cause with Hilltop and Alexandria. Also, in case you missed it, Rick said something to Tara before they left Trashlandia which might be a hint that we could be returning to Oceanside and their all-female camp as Rick and friends look for guns. Regardless, the Kingdom needs to hurry the fuck and get on board with the plan because, without them, this war is never going to get started and that is where all the fun begins!

Next week, we’ll be checking back in with Negan, Dwight and the Saviors. I expect Dwight to eventually switch sides and join our heroes in the fight but it’s obviously going to take a least an entire episode for that to happen and it just might be next week. Check out the promo for Hostiles and Calamities below and thanks for reading, fellow walkers!